Company’s Scope of Operation

Establishment of South Rouhina Steel Complex started in 2010 , on a 70 acres land in Khouzestan province, located in km 7 , Dezful – Shoushtar road.

The complex consisting of a mill producing ribbed steel bars with the capacity of 500000 t/y called Rebar and one continuous Steel making and Rolling mill with the capacity of 500000 t/y which besides satisfying domestic needs has the utmost potential to be one of the main exporters of steel products.

Phase 1 – Rebar mill , 500000 t/y of ribbed steel bars (operational)

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Phase 2 – Continuous Steel making and Rolling mill , 450000 t/y Billet and 450000 t/y ribbed Steel bars (under construction)

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Phase 3 – Accumulation and Removal , DRI plant 1000000 t/y and Steel making and Casting 550000 t/y

A particular characteristic of this plan , is the continuity and integration of the 3 production lines . In other words DRI plant products would continuously and directly (Hot Charge) enter the Steel making EAF and the exiting billet , without shearing or intermediate furnace , enters the Rolling area.

Continuous “Hot Charge” feed , results inup to 30% decrease in plants’ energy consumption.