Continuous Steel making and Rolling mill (MiDA)

Consuming mixture of sponge iron and iron scraps as raw material  and with the capacity of 450000 t/y <, this plant is capable of producing various grades of ribbed and round bars ( A1,A2,A3,A4) sizes 8-40 mm.

Utilizing the unique technology and engineering which is patented by Danieli  , the preheating furnace has been omitted and bars are produced accrete and direct ,consuming sponge iron and iron scraps .

This state of the art technology which is third in the world , due to remarkable economizing of energy consumption and by omitting intermediate stages of steel making and rolling , is also well known as the “Production of Green Steel” .

The plant commissioning is estimated on March 2018.

Main Equipment :

-Charging system of raw material ( sponge iron & iron scraps)

-Fume Treatment Plant (FTP)

-Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) 68t/h

-Ladle Furnace (LF)

-Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

-Induction Furnace

-Billet Shears

-Initial , Intermediate and Finishing rolling stands



-Cooling Bed

-Bundling &Weighing systems

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