Rebar mill

Utilizing modern and Hi-Tech equipment and technology , Rebar mill consumes 150x150mm billets and with the annual capacity of 500000 t/y , produces various grades (A1,A2,A3,A4) of round & ribbed bars sizes 8-40mm.

Design ,Engineering and Erection

All equipment for production line , furnace , Cranes , Water Treatment Plant (WTP),…were supplied By DANIELI of Italy and Execution and Erection activities , under supervision of Danieli’s supervisors , were performed by highly experienced Iranian engineers and technicians.

An important feature of this production line is head to head welding of the billets or the Billet Welder machine. This process decreases the amount of scraps on raw material.

Production line equipment

-Preheating furnace , 80 t/h

-Billet descaler

-Billet Welder

-Initial , Intermediate and Finishing rolling stands



-Cooling Bed

-Bundling and Weighing system

Shears , Cooling Bed and Bundling & Weighing systems are Automatic.

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