Metallurgy Exhibition | The 19th International Exhibition of Metallurgy, Steel, Mineral Industries, Forging and Machining, Molding and Casting in Tehran

Exhibition date

9 to 12 December 2022

Permanent location of Tehran International Exhibition

The 19th International Metallurgical Exhibition (IranMetafo 2021) with the participation of more than 400 domestic companies and 50 foreign companies and brands, in the field of metallurgy, steel, mining industries, non-ferrous metals, casting, industrial furnaces, heat treatment and related industries, in It was held from 9 to 12 December 2022 at the permanent location of the Tehran International Exhibition, observing all health protocols.

This exhibition was a very precious opportunity for us because it provided a platform for us to get to know the owners of other industries and we were also able to present our products and capabilities on a wide scale and communicate with the activists of our field of work.

We hope to see more of you at our booth in the future exhibitions and use the experiences we have gained this year to create more valuable and enjoyable moments for you.

Thanks to all managers and employees of South Rouhina Steel Complex who tried to hold this exhibition as best as possible with their efforts, and also to all the people who were with us during these four days.

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