Rouhina Steel
Beyond Strength
تولید فولاد سبز با حداقل مصرف انرژی_____________
Using new technology
and modern equipment

South Rohina Steel Complex produces simple, ribbed and industrial rebars, with 12 years of experience and with an annual production capacity of 950 thousand tons of rebars (a 500 thousand ton rolling unit called Rebar and a 450 thousand ton continuous melting and rolling unit called “Mida”) is one of the largest and best producers and exporters of rebar in Iran and the Middle East.

The uniformity of our product quality is unrivaled.

Due to the elimination of intermediate steps and continuity of the production lines, and as a result of the complete uniformity of the temperature on the surface and center of the ingot of the rolling line, the quality of the produced product is uniform. In addition to the engineering and technology used in this continuous line, all other equipment of the production line, such as the furnace, cranes, “WTP” house, is from the Italian manufacturer DANIELI and its implementation is by experienced Iranian engineers and with The supervision of Italian experts has been carried out based on the specifications of the Danieli company.




South Rohina Steel Complex is with you, dear ones, from the moment of decision to purchase with expert services and advice.

Companies and factories that have recently become acquainted with us or for any reason have not purchased from us until now, can contact the sales department to register their request to test the alloy rebbar product. After receiving the information, our experts will send you a product sample for laboratory and workshop tests.

Research and reflection before making a purchase is part of the basic rights of the customer. The possibility of visiting Rohina South steel factory and production lines in person is one of the other services provided for customers.

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